Old Lahaina Luau Maui

Travel Diary: Maui


I was planning to get this post out as soon as we got back, but I got the flu and have been in bed for the last five days. Ugh! I’m starting to feel a little better, so I thought I’d share with you some of the highlights from our amazing trip to Maui! I’d never been to Hawaii before, and I managed to convince my sister Jenny and my…

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Angels Among Us


I think everyone would agree that the world we live in today is fraught with tension and toxicity and the airing of everyone’s dirty laundry. It can be hard to…

January Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Thanks in part to a lovely week on vacation, I got a ton of reading done in January! As usual, it’s a mixed bag, and as always I would love…

Valentine Gift Guide

Galentines Day Gift Guide


In a world where women are so fiercely competitive with each other, the importance of having good female friends cannot be overstated. I’ve never been the person that had tons…


33 Things I Love


It’s my 33rd birthday, which I’m struggling to even wrap my mind around. It seems like the years just slip by these days, and I swear I just turned 25…

Banana Republic Blazer

Blacking Out

Fashion & Beauty

As deeply as I love fashion, I am rarely one to jump on trends and experiment too far out of my comfort zone. One of the advantages of age is…

Amazon Echo Look

Echo Look Review

Fashion & Beauty

I’m sure all of you are familiar with the Amazon Echo line of products, and many of you probably have Alexa already in your life in one way or another.…

Pottery Barn Mirrored Tray

Steals and Deals


I love to shop, but as a single mom my budget doesn’t necessarily support my hobby of choice. So of course, I always look for ways to get more for…

Sephora Haul

Fashion & Beauty

I am a Sephora addict. I admit it. I’m in there nearly every week, and can spend hours just browsing all of the amazing products and brands that are available.…

Shrimp Tempura sushi

Turquoise and Tempura

Fashion & Beauty

It’s a gloomy Sunday in Cincinnati, but the 37-degree weather feels downright balmy after two weeks of single-digit temperatures! I’ve been needing mascara, but it’s been too cold to trek…