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I’m sure all of you are familiar with the Amazon Echo line of products, and many of you probably have Alexa already in your life in one way or another. I hadn’t joined the club myself, as I just didn’t see anything I really needed from the products. That is, until I heard about the Echo Look.

One of the biggest challenges of being a blogger with no adults in your life is taking pictures. Fashion is a big part of my blog, and for outfit shots my choices aren’t great. There’s the mirror selfie, the tripod timer (which I stink at), and making my kids take pictures. In all cases, the outcome usually leaves something to be desired.

I heard about the Echo Look from one of my favorites bloggers, Christine of HelloFashionBlog. Basically, the Look is designed to help take outfit photos and get style advice. It’s currently only available by invitation, but I must have gotten lucky because my invitation request was granted and I got myself the Look. I’ve used it a couple of times now, and thought I’d give a quick review to anyone thinking of purchasing one.

Echo Look

It’s a tiny little thing, smaller even than my iPhone 7+. You have to download the Echo Look app (it’s free), but once you do it only takes a couple of minutes to set up. There’s a nice little tutorial video to show you how to use it, and honestly it’s very easy. But the big question is…is it worth it? After all, it costs $199.

Echo Look

The guide recommends putting the Look at shoulder height, such as atop a tall dresser. The photo with me wearing the newsboy cap was taken at that level. It took some adjusting to get it right (the Look easily swivels up and down).

Echo Look

I also took some pictures with it on my desk (about hip level), including this one with my Hunter boots. I personally preferred the shorter setup, but that’s probably because I’m only 5′ tall.

Echo Look

I’ll be honest…I’m not crazy about the way the background is so blurred versus the selfie. It’s too dramatic, and I wish it was more like the effect that Portrait mode has on the iPhone camera. There is no way to hide that the Echo Look took the photo. I also wish it didn’t have to be plugged in to work. I’d love if it could be charged and then moved anywhere with a wi-fi connection.

Echo Look

On the plus side, it does enable me to take a full-length outfit photo without anyone’s help. This will be very helpful for my blog. I also like that you can get style advice in about a minute. You just put two photos in for comparison, and real stylists will send their feedback. I haven’t used that feature yet, but it will be very helpful when I can’t decide which shoes or coat are right for an outfit. You can also use the Look for some of the basic Alexa functions, such as setting an alarm and asking about the weather.

Right now, I’m not sure I’d still spend the money on the Look as it is right now. That said, the reason it is invitation-only is because they are in the feedback-gathering stage in an effort to fully launch the best product possible. I have no doubt that it will eventually be an awesome product that is indispensable for bloggers like me that don’t have a spouse and can’t pay a photographer.

If you have any feedback on the Echo Look from your own experience or any questions for me, please let them in the comments below! I’ll keep you all updated on any new features or changes!

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  • Sarah Tapley January 19, 2018

    First of all I love your Hunter boots and that outfit!! I agree, the background is a little too blurry and cast a slight shadow. The model is gorgeous though!

    • January 19, 2018

      Aw, thank you bestie!

  • Courtney A. Casto January 18, 2018

    Interesting! I like the concept but I agree with you about the blurry background being too dramatic. I don’t take a lot of pictures but I’d like to. I’ll keep the Look in mind for the future. Hopefully they perfect it with your feedback!

    • January 18, 2018

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way about the image quality. It actually reminds me of those Glamour Shots that were so popular in the 90’s! Thanks for reading and commenting, Courtney!

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